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Hey there. I'm Zoe Rodriguez, a human-centric design enthusiast living in Los Angeles & working at Cosm as a Senior Product Designer.

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I’m an adaptive product designer passionate about human-centered design, stories, and accessibility.

I moved from Caracas, Venezuela more than 10 years ago in pursuit of a better life and career. After graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design, I moved to LA to start a new life in the tech world.

I value big-picture strategy, design thinking, and growth-oriented leadership. I incorporate these values to create the best experiences, all while having fun in my work. As designers, I believe the best approach to our work is with flexibility, empathy, and knowing when/how to push and pull.

When I am not designing, I like to travel, work on my aquascape tank, cook new recipes with close friends, and explore all of the restaurants LA has to offer.

What I’ve been up to in the last years:

  • I have been designing mobile apps (iOS, Android), and well as responsive web and mobile
  • I have worked in companies of all sizes: startups, mid-size, and large corporations

If you're interested in my work, let’s talk!

Thanks for stopping by.

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